About the role, Key notes:
Profile Sales Person
Role Full-time
Location – address
Work hours Mon to sat

Expectation in Week 1

Understand our business model, how we work and who we serve.
Familiarize yourself with the different departments and the role they play in delivering exceptional client service.
Understand current business trends and suggest ways to improve and grow our business.

Expectation in Month 1
Learn all about the current set of processes in place
Take charge of the existing team, set targets and draw projections
Learn about the sales cycle and implement any suggestions and changes
Take ownership of a set of leads and work on converting them.

Expectation till Month 3
Continue working on own set of leads and deliver on targets.
Expand the team and train them on the sales process, industry, and technology (with the help of the team).
Get the hires and existing team in the habit of hitting their targets every month.

Expectations till Month 6
Lead the sales process in getting referrals, repeat requests from existing connections and build it in a process that can be replicated.
Explore new markets and opportunities to tap
Handover the referrals, repeat requests process to the team so they can effectively manage accounts.
Formulate a 3-month forecast for the client leads so the supply side can plan accordingly.

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