Trimble SketchUp is a 3D modelling software used for creating and editing 3D models, architectural designs, interior layouts, and other related projects. It was originally developed by @Last Software and acquired by Google in 2006. Google later sold SketchUp to Trimble Inc. in 2012, and it is now known as Trimble SketchUp.

 SketchUp offers an intuitive interface and a range of powerful tools that allow users to create 3D models from scratch or import existing models to modify them. It is widely used in various industries, including architecture, construction, interior design, landscape architecture, film, and video game design.

Some key features of Trimble SketchUp include:

  • 3D Modelling: SketchUp provides a flexible and user-friendly environment for creating 3D models. Users can access a wide range of models, including furniture, vehicles, trees, and more, to enhance their projects.
  • Layout: SketchUp includes Layout, a tool for creating 2D presentations, drawings, and documentation directly from the 3D models.

This enables interoperability with other software commonly used in the design and construction industry.

Trimble SketchUp offers different versions tailored to the needs of different users, including SketchUp Free (web-based), SketchUp Pro (desktop application with advanced features), and SketchUp Studio (an all-in-one package with additional tools and extensions)


SketchUp Pro

A great mix of our classic desktop software, web-based modeler, and our shiny new SketchUp for iPad app – perfect for working on the go. Plus a robust feature set that includes the ability to share and save projects to the cloud, customize your workflow with third-party extensions, and create detailed 2D and 3D construction documentation. Work seamlessly and efficiently throughout every phase of design.

SketchUp Studio

Increase workflow efficiency by importing, viewing and modeling directly on point cloud data from terrestrial scans, photogrammetry, lidar sensors, mobile mapping, and drone captures. Use Scan Essentials to precisely — and rapidly — ensure model accuracy no matter the size of your file. Finalize the 3D details and prep your project for the final build by creating 2D documentation from point cloud data directly in LayOut.

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