70% Off - Lego Ideas Pop Fly Book - Frenzy Fest:£54

70% Off - Lego Ideas Pop Fly Book - Frenzy Fest:£54

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70% Off - Lego Ideas Pop Fly Book - Frenzy Fest:£54 - Lego Ideas

Features 4 new-for-November-2018 minifigures: Minimal Reddish Traveling Hood, Grandmother, the Wolf, and the Giant. Includes 1 new-for-November-2018 microfigure: Jack.

Pop-up book procedures over 7' (20cm) long as well as 5' (13cm) large when closed, and also over 11' (28cm) vast when available.

Pop-up publication in record attributes 2 different LEGO fairy tale stories: Minimal Red Riding Bonnet and Port and the Beanstalk.
Show as well as develop or recreate your own stories from 2 traditional fairytale using this imagination plaything.
This Ideas specify components adequate blocks to build both fairy tales in the collection or you can easily even create your own setting.

Includes a pamphlet featuring building directions, a brief past of pop-up manuals, a brief history of the 2 fairytale in the set, plus info about this amazing traditional fairy story's fan professionals as well as professionals.

Create, play and feature the timeless fairytale Little Red Riding Hood and also Jack as well as the Beanstalk with Tips 21315 Pop-up Book! This first-ever buildable pop-up book made from LEGO bricks opens to unveil the widely known setting of grandma's woodland home featuring position bed, kitchen space and door place. When Minimal Red Riding Hood meets the wolf or swap out granny's home for the scene of the giant's fortress in the clouds, recreate the setting. This collectible plaything components adequate blocks to develop both scenes or you can also construct a scene of your personal as well as produces an excellent creative present. This LEGO collection features a brochure with a short past history of pop-up manuals, a compressed background of each fairy story in the collection, and also information concerning its fan developers and LEGO designers.


70% Off - Lego Ideas Pop Fly Book - Frenzy Fest:£54 70% Off - Lego Ideas Pop Fly Book - Frenzy Fest:£54